Reaching reporters is critical to telling your story and driving change, and social media adds a new layer of complexity and opportunity. You can learn about both types of media, and how they compliment each other, via the subpages that we link to below.

Conventional Media Tips & Tools

When it is time for you to reach out to the media to talk about a new effort to bring change to healthcare, you may have a public relations department to support you.  But sometimes, the onus falls on you to spread the word about your work. Whether you’re looking for reporters who might be interested in covering your efforts, trying to track news coverage in your research area, writing a press release, promoting an event, or preparing for a media interview, this section has a wealth of resources that can help. You’ll find a wide variety of links, press release templates, and strategies for utilizing in-house resources.

Social Media Tips & Tools

Beyond the conventional media, social media offers you an opportunity to promote your own message, and to build relationships with those who share your interests. Those people, be they reporters, researchers, or social media mavens/influencers, can be part of a ripple effect that spreads your news to places you didn't even know about. For detailed tips and tricks on how to use social media click here!