Your original research may be the catalyst to a major effort to change health care practice or policy. How you share the key findings and supporting data from your research can help set the stage for a change initiative. Whether you are writing an abstract, presenting your research at a conference, or participating in a poster session, we can help you present your findings in the most clear and succinct format, and to ensure that your message is heard by those who matter!

First off, think about how best to diffuse your message. Diffusion is the art of transforming your promising idea into practice. This means considering the challenges and opportunities, and managing the complex issues related to engaging others. For a good summary of how to share and spread your ideas, view the powerpoint slides from the webinar; Thinking Diffusion: Moving a Promising Idea into Practice, presented by The John A. Hartford Foundation.

There are a few common formats for sharing research findings. Most researchers know how to execute these strategies, but there are lots of tricks and tips that can help improve your execution!  For many helpful tips and links to resources, click on any of the page links below (or access via the side menu).