Speaking in front of a crowd is often already an integral part of every Change Agent's day job. But even if you’re comfortable with your audience and know your material well, developing a dynamic PowerPoint presentation can be a challenge. 

Better presentations have multiple benefits. They can help you in the classroom, support your efforts to change practice or policy, or bolster your ability to secure new dollars for that research or project.  And if you really focus hard on how you present your work, you may even be able to explain what you do to Aunt Gladys next Thanksgiving!  Here are a few tutorials that can walk you through the steps to improvement.

Better Slides, Better Presentations...Better Communication is a webinar conducted in August of 2012 for grantees and scholars of The John A. Hartford Foundation. Take a walk through the slides from this webinar for steps on how to create more powerful presentations.  

From Zero to Wow in 60 Minutes: Creating Presentations that Engage Your Audience. This webinar from March 2010 offers smart ideas for re-making your PowerPoint slides and creating talks that are more dynamic for your audience...and for you!

Communications expert Andy Goodman offers a wealth of information and tips regarding PowerPoint presentations, and even presentation that don't use slides.  You can dowload a free PDF file of his seminal book, Why Bad Presentations Happen to Good Causes. A few additional articles worth a quick review include: No More Boring PowerPointWinning the War With PowerPointBehold, the Human Slide Show; and The #1 Myth in Presenting.


Presentation Zen is a great blog by the author of one of the defining books on how to develop great powerpoints, entitled (you guessed it) Presentation Zen.

For a humorous take on the pitfalls of PowerPoint watch this video from Don McMillan.